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Poor Service (Or, No Tips for You!)

Poor Service (Or, No Tips for You!)

j0386137.jpgSo, I posted about some of the important elements on a good Services page.

Yet, my own Services page is still so very lame, failing in many ways.

Let’s explore that, shall we? Why is it so pathetic when I’ve already shown you that I know better?

No Specific Services.

This is the biggest flaw. I mention that I do “freelance writing and design,” but that’s such a broad statement, it could practically mean anything. Believe me, I am aware of this fatal flaw! The problem, though, is that at this precise moment–the very beginning of what I hope will be a successful writing career–I don’t KNOW what my focus will be. I know there are skills that I have that are better suited to certain types of writing than others, but maybe I’d be good at doing the “others,” anyway? At this point, how can I really be sure?

I was emailing with Gary this morning, and I used this analogy:

It’s like I’m sitting in a boat at a dock, looking at the wide, wide ocean and knowing that I’m going sailing, but not to WHERE. Up the coast to New England? Across the ocean to Old England? Africa? Around the world to New Zealand? Could be anywhere! And all I can really say at this point is that I can handle a boat–even if I can’t tell you that I’d rather be, say, steering than raising sails.

You tell me–How does a newbie freelancer determine what her writing focus should be?

5 thoughts on “Poor Service (Or, No Tips for You!)

  1. Melissa Donovan

    I don’t think you need to worry about specializing just yet. Just offer a range of writing services and with time, you’ll figure it out. Also, you could probably do just editing and proofreading, which goes nice with your site name and your skill set.

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