Punctuality Rules!

Review: The English Tenses

Once past the very basics for beginners, ESL students probably use the same grammar guides as the rest of us–even though that isn’t ideal. It’s one thing to clarify the use of a present past participle to someone who’s heard it used their whole lives; it’s another to explain it from scratch.

I Salute You

Here’s a question for you: When you write an email, do you include a salutation? You know, the “Dear John,” or even something as simple as a person’s name at the top. I was reading an old blog post on Linda Formicelli’s excellent Renegade Writers site the other day that…

Being Carded

Let’s talk about business cards, shall we? It’s true that a lot of business is done electronically, these days, and it’s not like we pay polite visits that require calling cards anymore. (Though, let’s pause a moment and reflect on a society that used to have time to ramble from…