Punctuality Rules!

Now, Better Customer Service!

Now, Better Customer Service!

Okay, now that’s more like what I’m talking about … my new, improved Services page. Much better than the old one, I think.

Please, though, give me your opinion. What do you think?

(No, really, I want to know!)

6 thoughts on “Now, Better Customer Service!

  1. Joanna Young

    –Deb, honestly, I’d say it’s too much about you. What you need to do now is turn it around so it’s about what the client wants (and you don’t need to say ‘you’re wondering what I can help you with’ out loud, just answer it for them).

    Are you looking for someone who can help you with:

    helping you start a blog
    some simple logo design
    writing engaging copy
    keeping you straight on grammar rules

    Do you need a writer who can produce:

    subscription notices
    blog posts


    Hope that helps

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  2. Gary

    I find it too crowded for my taste, but then I’m just a minimalist kind of guy. And I haven’t sold much of anything, so you shouldn’t listen to me anyway.

    The roof of the pudding, as they say, is in the eating. So if it works out for you that’s what counts! I’d do some visitor tracking to see what your clients think…

    Gary’s last blog post..Friday Haiku #2: Simple Ideas?

  3. Melissa Donovan

    I have to agree with Joanna. I thought the same thing when I scanned down the page and every item on the list seemed to start with “I.” Also, remove the “What I Can’t Do” section. If you don’t mention technical writing as a service you offer, it’s unlikely you’ll get any inquiries about it. Also, this is the type of thing you can deal with if and when it happens.

    You also might want to change the name of your sitemap link. It doesn’t need the (aka you are here), which takes up unnecessary space in your menu. Instead, use that space for services, samples, etc.

    Why not start by putting together some samples? Choose a couple of your best posts and articles, then compose a fake brochure and home page. Start building that portfolio! Clients will want to see your work.

    By putting together some samples, you’ll get a better idea of some services you can list on your services page.

    Good luck!

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