Punctuality Rules!

MM: Recap

MM: Recap


It’s the end of the year, of course, and therefore the ideal time for reminiscing. Punctuality Rules! has only been around since October, but, who says we can’t have a retrospective anyway, right? So, in place of our usual “Mangled Monday” feature, let’s look back over the last few months and see how much we’ve accomplished.

Phew! That’s actually quite a list–I’ve been busier than I thought!

Incidentally, the “we” starting each of those bullet points was a deliberate choice. Even though this blog has been entirely written by ME, there’s been a fair amount of discussion and suggestions in the comments along the way. There can never be too much conversation! (Although, if you wanted to try, by all means–the more the merrier.)

Just, don’t forget, everyone . . . tonight is “New Year’s Eve,” not “New Years Eve. (The “eve” belongs to the New Year, and so it is properly written as apostrophe-S.) No matter how you spell it, though, have a good and safe one!

5 thoughts on “MM: Recap

  1. Sol Lederman


    You’ve produced a large amount of useful and entertaining content in just three months. Great job!

    I especially like the title of your blog – very creative.

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