Punctuality Rules!

Grammar Day!

Grammar Day!

It’s National Grammar Day. How are you going to celebrate?

  • Turn all the extra apostrophes you find into little winky emoticons.
  • Parrot back the word “like” whenever it gets misused in sentence (“like, you know, a Valley girl).
  • Carry your blue pencil with you so you can correct incorrect commas.
  • Say “Whom” with your most snooty, nose-up-in-the-air kind of voice everytime someones uses “who” instead.
  • Leave comments at all the blogs that incorrectly capitalize their post titles.
  • Wear your “It’s/Its, Your/You’re, There/Their/They’re” t-shirt everywhere you go.
  • Mentally correct all the radio and television commentators who speak badly during their broadcasts.
  • Curl up in a cozy chair with your favorite grammar book
  • Sing the song.
  • Link back to our Mangled Monday features to help out your grammatically-needy friends.

Or, do you have some other festivities planned?

5 thoughts on “Grammar Day!

  1. Hillary

    I was going to be obnoxious and leave a comment in really poor grammar but then I realized 90% of people on the earth wouldn’t even realize there was an issue and I got kinda depressed about the fall of society…

  2. Lori Sizemore

    As a card-carrying member of the grammar police, I salute you.

    P.S. I mentally correct the radio/news every day. Should I be saving this for special occasions?