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Coming Soon–A Chance to Win!

Coming Soon–A Chance to Win!

Here’s a special opportunity for you!

I’ve got an ARC  (that’s Advanced Reader’s Copy) of Sara J. Henry’s new book, Learning to Swim and YOU COULD WIN IT!

Not only that, Sara is going to be coming here for an interview on her blog tour. I read her blog all the time and I couldn’t be more excited.

How about you? Excited yet?

Here are some of the quotes from Amazon:

  • Learning to Swim is a thriller of the most thrilling kinda smart and crafty story with whiffs of Rebecca that insists from the first sentence that you sit down and not stand up again until you’ve read the last word. Tell your loved ones to take care of themselves.” Quinn Cummings, author of Notes from the Underwire

  • “With a strong believable cast of characters and a breathtaking plot, it’s a non-stop thrilling ride that’s impossible to put down.”  Cat Connor, author of Killerbyte and Terrorbyte

  • “If The Usual Suspects and a Jodi Picoult novel had a love child, it would be Learning to Swim—a thought-provoking, evocative, and thrilling read.” Steph Bowe, author of Girl Saves Boy

  • “A mesmerizing confluence of mystery, intrigue, and suspense, with undercurrents of deep personal drama…Learning to Swim will hook you from the first page.” —Jamie Ford, bestselling author of Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet
  • “From the grabber beginning to the heartfelt conclusion, Sara J. Henry’s Learning to Swim is an auspicious debut … Fresh setting, well-realized characters, cleanly written, with a mysterious and suspenseful story – just what I was looking for.”  – Daniel Woodrell, award-winning author of The Death of Sweet Mister and Winter’s Bone
  • “Impressive…Henry adroitly handles Troy’s exposure to new emotions as she re-examines her life and relationships.” – Publisher’s Weekly

  • “In her debut, the first in a projected series, Henry proves herself to be a smooth and compelling storyteller. And her lead is highly appealing: An athletic, fiercely independent young woman who, like crime-fiction author Gillian Flynn’s feisty females, is capable of making delightfully acerbic observations.” –Booklist

So much praise, and the book isn’t even out yet!

Stay tuned for Sara’s visit–and your opportunity to win this copy of her fantastic new book!

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