Punctuality Rules!



Okay, here’s a wonderful example of great marketing.


This box from SitStay.com arrived at our house today.

They have the BEST shipping material.


Check out what it says on the top:


“WARNING: For your own sake, please do not stand between this box and your dog. Dogs have been known to go through just about anything to get to their SitStay box. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.”

Then, on the side:


“NOTE TO DELIVERY PERSON FROM DOG: The humans that live at this house haven’t figured out that I can use the computer. I couldn’t wait any longer for my favorite treats from SitStay.com. Please place package where I can get at it. There will be an extra treat for you during the holidays if you follow these instructions. –The Dog.”

The marketer in me is in awe, really. I’ve bought goodies for my dog from these folks since 1999, and have always been happy with their service, and the cute confirmation emails “written” by their dogs. It shows a sense of fun for what they do.

I’d never noticed these notes on the delivery boxes, though. What a fantastic idea!

Not only do these clever, witty, funny, creative, entertaining messages make me, the buyer, want to order from them again–if only to encourage them to be this creative all the time–but think of all the people who see them? Delivery people, folks at the post office, neighbors who see your delivery outside your door, or waiting at the curb with the recycles.

  • This is the kind of eye-catching, smile-inducing thing that makes you want to tell your friends so that they’ll order from them, too.
  • It makes you want to support the business that is working so hard at providing not only good products, but an enjoyable experience.
  • And … it costs almost nothing. Specialty boxes with logos and websites aren’t exactly uncommon. (I can spot an Amazon.com box a mile away, how about you?) So, if you’re going to pay to have custom boxes made … why not have a little fun to make them memorable? To make yourself memorable?

It just makes my tail wag.


And look how happy it made my dog, too!

4 thoughts on “SitStay

  1. Janna Qualman

    Love this! It’s very cute, and what a hook. This company is doing it right!

    I like your blog. 🙂 I’m hear after visiting your mom and having an e-mail exchange in which she tooted your horn and sent me your links. *wink*

    Wishing you the best with all your endeavors!