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MM: Compounding Interest

MM: Compounding Interest


Last week we talked about Subjects and Predicates–the very basis of sentence structure.

Today, let’s talk about Compound Subjects and Predicates.

Basically, if there are two or more subjects to the sentence, you have a Compound Subject:

  • Running laps, doing push-ups, and eating well are all good for your health.
  • Boykin Spaniels and American Water Spaniels are similar dog breeds.
  • Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic are known as the Three Rs.

If there are two or more predicates, you have a Compound Predicate:

  • Exercise is good for the heart and helpful for weight control.
  • Dog breeds can be very different and still have similar characteristics.
  • Education is best when it is varied and wide-ranging.

Naturally, you can combine these to have compound subject and predicates in the same sentence! (Oooh! Advanced sentence-assembly. Please be sure to have your protective helmet in place to make sure your brain doesn’t explode.)

  • Jogging and dieting have done wonders for my waistline and improved my cholesterol counts.
  • Boykin Spaniels and American Water Spaniels may be similiar, but for me there’s no comparison.
  • Reading and writing are fundamental to a good education and vital for communication.

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