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MM: Do You Say Thank You?

MM: Do You Say Thank You?


Simple question today:

When somebody does something nice for you, do you say, “Thank you?”

It seems such a simple thing, but it is so often forgotten or ignored by those people who feel entitled to anything their little hearts desire, and therefore see no need to thank anyone else for going out of their way to help. Because, of course, they deserved the help in the first place.

If your mother didn’t teach you this simple rule, please allow me. Be gracious. Be appreciative. Be responsive. The world is not here to do you favors, and you make your own luck. And, by all means, when a fellow human does something for you, acknowledge it. It might just be a waiter at a restaurant putting down a glass of water on a hot day. It might be someone driving 50 miles just to deliver something you bought on Craigslist. It could be the person on the other side of the cash register. (That one works both ways.)

It could also be a bunch of people who pitch in with good advice, just because you asked and they want to be helpful.

It’s one of the basic tenets of good manners, this saying “thank you” thing. Right up there with saying “please.” If nothing else, think of it as a good karma–what goes around comes around, and you’ve got to give to receive, and if you receive, you’ve got to give thanks.

So, thanks to all of you, and may you pay it forward!

4 thoughts on “MM: Do You Say Thank You?

  1. J

    Oh, the magic words, please and thank you. I love them words.

    When my mom got sick, and found herself in more and more pain, she became somewhat bitter and frustrated. She was a very independent, and hated having to depend on others. Her frustration at her situation realized itself in her being unable to say ‘thank you’ unless she was reminded. She became horribly bossy and demanding. It was maddening. Especially since that is not how she was inside, not who she wanted to be, not how she raised her children.

    J’s last blog post..Lack of Relief

  2. Melissa Donovan

    Augh! It drives me crazy when people don’t thank waiters. I always do, and have had people give me a strange look, as if to say “It’s his job, you don’t have to thank him!” I also try to be a good tipper 😉

    Melissa Donovan’s last blog post..Writing for Change

  3. Giovanna Garcia

    It is funny, that people don’t say thank you much these days. I learned that Oprah stopped her book club once, because none of the writers who was on her Book Club send even one thank you card to her. Just think, all the million books they sold because of Oprah oprah. Not one Thank You Card!?

    Giovanna Garcia’s last blog post..What Will People Think?

  4. --Deb Post author

    That’s really unbelievable–not ONE of those authors ever sent her a thank you note? That’s just astounding. How is that possible?