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MM: Persons of Interest

MM: Persons of Interest


So, the last two weeks, we’ve talked about verb tenses and moods. Today, we’ll talk about their person. In their simplest form…

First Person: I, We

A verb uses first person when the speaker is talking about himself.

  • I love typing.
  • We watched the race.
  • I am going to go to the movies tonight.

Second Person: You

Second person is the verb form for direct address–that is, when I’m talking to you.

  • You heard me, I’m talking to you!
  • You did what?
  • You need to call the doctor.

Third Person: He, She, They

This is used for describing things that happen, or telling stories about other people.

  • And then, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a jewelry box.
  • She squealed and leaned forward to kiss him.
  • They live in Paris, now.

4 thoughts on “MM: Persons of Interest

  1. --Deb

    I entirely agree about second-person. Useful for speeches and such, but … who wants to be told what to do for the length of an entire book?

    (And, actually, the point-of-view aspect of verb persons is coming up in another post. I just have to write it first!)

    –Deb’s last blog post..MM: Persons of Interest

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