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OT: Inhale Now

OT: Inhale Now


As a purely side note, because I’m a good daughter, I’m attaching a link here to my father’s website, InhaleNow.com. He started it because he’d been looking for air purifiers to help with my asthma (because he’s a good dad). Providing a link was the least I could do, since, you know, I love him and all. Go take a look!

We will now resume our regularly scheduled programming.

2 thoughts on “OT: Inhale Now

  1. Jill


    Hmmmm… Isn’t the hyphen incorrect here? I believe adverbs that modify adjectives can’t be joined into a compound.

  2. --Deb Post author

    You’re right! This is what happens when I let my fingers do the work while my brain is doing something else….