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National Grammar Day

National Grammar Day


Well, I wish I’d known this yesterday….

Not only was March Fourth the only day on the calendar that is a complete sentence, but it was also National Grammar Day.

Who knew?

(I mean, other than Sharon at Daily Writing Tips, which is where I saw it.)

4 thoughts on “National Grammar Day

  1. JC

    Damn, Deb, and I missed Texas Independence Day (2 March) too. Must update calander functions. BTW, 21 April is San Jacinto Day, and 19 Sept is Talk Like A Pirate Day.

  2. SmallWorld

    Funny. I walked into a Cub Scout meeting last night and a mom grabbed me and said, “Did you know this is National Grammar Day?” Boy, I feel really ripped off that I didn’t know in time to really make a big deal about it…