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Eep! My sidebar disappeared and I have NO idea why. I’m looking, but since I know practically nothing about CSS, um, well, at least the POSTS are still showing…. Any suggestions? I swear, all I was trying to do was add the phrase “Join the discussion” next to the Comments link, but when I clicked save and took a look … poof! No more sidebar.

3 thoughts on “Eep!

  1. Crafting Jen

    The sidebar is still gone when viewed in the latest version of FireFox. Actually, the column for your posts seems to have positioned itself so that there’s no room for the sidebar, and your entire sidebar contents are displayed at the bottom of the screen, below the posts.

    The white background for your posts is missing, too. So I’m trying to read your text against the medium gray.

    Oddly, when I click the link to comment or view an individual post only, your sidebar and the background are fine. Which means it’s only the CSS for the home page that’s broken.