Archive: December 17th, 2007

MM: See, the Object is…


Last week, we discussed the Nominitive case for pronouns (I, he, they, etc.), so this week, naturally, we’re going to discuss the Objective Case: me, you, him, her, us, them, it, whom.

Objective pronouns are used for direct objects of a sentence.

  • Give her the key.
  • Harry told them no.

Objective pronouns are used for indirect objects.

  • Martha gave it a name.
  • The yarn? She spun it with her spinning wheel.

Objective pronouns are used as the objects of prepositional phrases.

  • Between you and me, I think it’s all nonsense.
  • Who among us shall be the first to cast a stone?
  • To me, vanilla has always been the best flavor.
  • To whom did you wish to speak?

And again, when in doubt as to which version of pronoun you should be using when you mix it in with “groups” just say the phrase to yourself without the extra people. Should it be “Mary and me” or “Mary and I”? Just drop out the “Mary and” part and see for yourself. “It was so nice of him to give the tickets to . . . me” is correct, so you would also say, “It was so nice of him to give the tickets to Mary and me.”

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