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Numbers and Words

Numbers and Words

Here’s an interesting juxtapostion.

150x200nationalgrammarday-lYesterday was a big deal in math circles, being called “Square Root Day” because it was March 3rd, 2009. (03×03=09)

Today is not only National Grammar Day, but it’s the only day that qualifies as a full, declarative sentence: March Forth! (fourth)

Right there, in a nutshell, you’ve got the crux of communication as we know it.

Numbers and Words. Conveniently paired on Calendars everywhere. (Well, okay, assuming that they are Gregorian calendars, and it helps if you’re an English speaker, but you know what I mean.)

3 thoughts on “Numbers and Words

  1. Melissa Donovan

    Hey, where’s your comment? Was that a direct email? Oh dear, every time I receive those from you I think that I’m getting comment updates.

    You said: “3.14 = Pi Day. And I’m already looking forward to Jan 23, 2045 (01/23/45) … if I live that long!”

    If I think about that for too long, my head will start to spin with all the mathematical possibilities for number celebrations via dates on the calendar. Who knew that on top of everything else you do (writing, knitting, cooking, spinning, grammar) you are a numbers gal too? Geez. Super Deb!

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