Archive: January 31st, 2009

Moral Lesson Part 2

Remember a couple weeks ago, when I told you about a duplicate order I had received in the mail? And used it as a springboard to discuss manners and the benefits of doing the Right Thing?

Remember how I emailed them to let them know, and was irritated that they wanted me to call them instead of dealing with it via email? And that they sent me a UPS label so I could return the duplicate items? And never said thank you for being honest enough to point out the problem?

Well, you’ve got to admit I tried.

But, guess what … I got my Visa bill today. Guess who got a CREDIT for her return from B&BW?

Yep. They refunded me for returning items I hadn’t actually bought in the first place.

Corporate America at its best, folks.

The next question–would you think less of me if I just let this go at this point, instead of butting my head up against the B&BW brick wall again? Have I met my moral obligations by trying to fix this once already? Or should I contact them and try to explain?