Archive: January 9th, 2009

Moral Lesson


These boxes look remarkably alike, don’t they?

That’s because they ARE!

I went to Bath and Body Works on Saturday so that I could get some of my favorite body wash, but … I wandered all over the store, and they didn’t have it. Grr. Particularly frustrating, you know, because as a rule, I buy everything online these days, so the fact that I made a point of GOING there only for them not to have it in stock? Frustrating! But, well, these things happen. I came home and sucked up the fact that I was going to have to pay postage, and I ordered it online.

B&BW must have been feeling generous because they sent me the whole order TWICE!


Well, mostly. One of them, in fact, is incorrect, but still … they printed my packing slip twice by mistake and then sent me two boxes worth of stuff.

Now, I admit I was tempted to just keep the extra box of stuff, but my parents raised me to be an honest person, so, I sent them an email explaining the problem and asking if they wanted me to send the extras back, or could I keep them?

I got an email back saying, “Due to the complex nature of your inquiry, please contact us directly at 1-800-756-5005 regarding this matter.”

Um, maybe it’s just me, but this didn’t seem particularly complex to me, and I found it pretty annoying that the burden was on me to call them and then wait for an available operator … so I wrote them back and said so.

The email I got back? Well, they nicely credited my credit card for the shipping charges on my original order, which I thought was pretty nice of them, but they still wanted me to call them back to resolve the problem. (Sigh.) So I did. Ultimately, they do want the duplicate products back and said they would send me a UPS shipping label via email to cover the cost … though I haven’t gotten it yet.

Now, I mentioned this to a coworker this afternoon, and she thought I was crazy for calling them. “After all,” she said,” It was their mistake.” She would have just kept it. She even said that she never says anything if a cashier at a store gives her incorrect change (which really surprised me).

But I wouldn’t have felt right about that. One extra item in my box? Well, yeah, I suppose I wouldn’t have bothered to tell them about one extra bottle of bodywash–the shipping to send it back would have cost more than the item, what would be the point? But, an entire order?

How about you? What would you have done? Hypothetically, of course!

While you’re thinking about that, here are a couple links:

Now, go forth and be fruitful and do whatever it is you do … just don’t forget to answer my deep, moral question before you go!